Monday, April 11, 2005

I love Law & Order or Monday night tv SUCKS!

About a year ago, there was this "crisis" in the television world. According to Nielsen males 18-35 were watching less network tv, and were migrating in droves to cable and pay channels... the networks couldn't figure out what was going on and at first blamed Nielsen for bad reporting...

well... here's the thing about network television... IT SUX!!!!

Beyond sux actually... its Monday night, and after suffering through Sienfeld for the umpteenth time, can't stand Everybody Loves Raymond, but its almost 8... let's see what's on tonight:

Still standing... uh no.
Listen up... uh whatever...
Everybody loves raymond... hey its that episode where Raymond sides with with his mother over his wife... oh wait, that's EVERY EPISODE.
Two and a half men, I hear good things but its on at 9:30, what do I do till then?
CSI Miami... its a CBS show, CBS shows have this weird film on them like cooking oil bottles do.

Fear Factor- Reality television... nuff said.
Miss USA 2005 - Uh I have the internet, and there's free porn there.

FOX or how I killed network television
Nanny 911 - what?!? no american idol?
24 - its called DVD wait for it

How'd they do that? - Tonight's episode, how'd we get anyone to watch this crap?
The bachelor - Reality tv... whatever
Supernanny, I hated this show at 8 why would I watch it at 10.

Crap even medium isn't on tonight... Medium was the only show I could stomach on monday night, otherwise its Law & Order, all night, thank god for TNT... and video games...

Anyways... networks, if you want to know why my demographic ain't watching tv, its cause you make crappy tv... stop with the reality tv (its not reality, they're on tv!) and write some decent shows...

Now I have to wait till Wednesday until some good shows come on. LOST!!!!!


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