Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Lazy is as lazy does...

Americans on a whole are lazy, actually humans on the whole are lazy. You need only look at your microwave to know this to be true. So its easy to get upset when you listen to the regular rhetoric that comes from the right side of the political arena, I understand it, uniformed people upset you. And its easy to understand why these people are uniformed, being informed is hard work.

Imagine instead of watching American Idol, you had to watch the news or read a newspaper... but who is going to get kicked off!?! Its easier to plop on your couch and pop open a beer, watch some sporting event, and forget that there is anything outside of the four walls of your house.

Its human nature.

But when it comes to making decisions that affect people outside of your 4 walls I would hope that you'd take the time to determine what is true and what isn't. This also requires you not rely on Fox news or any of the plethora of conservative talking points, in other words it requires you to use your fucking head for anything other then a hat rack.

So when you hear someone on the radio or in conversation say that Iraq attacked us, don't hate them, sympathize with them, just because you took the time to find out that non of the hijackers from 9-11 were from Iraq, that Iraq didn't have any weapons of mass destruction, that the sanctions were working (Bush himself said it, not lying look it up), just change the subject to sports or American idol, because in the end... wouldn't you rather talk about wether or not Brittany is pregnant?


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