Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Did you know that a bomb went off in NYC?

On May 05, 2005, Cinco de mayo, a makeshift bomb exploded outside of the British Consulate. Now, considering the impact of this blast, you'd imagine that it would be the only thing anyone could talk about in the newspapers and the media... you'd think that, but you'd be wrong. As a matter of fact, on the day it was announced if you were to hold the New York Daily News and the New York Post side by side, you'd see on the front page one that refers to the explosion and the other has a full page image of Jennifer Wilbanks, the runaway bride, and a caption remarking as to how her fiancee had imposed a no sex before marriage rule on her. I shit you not, in fact the venerable New York Post ran images of Jennifer Wilbanks for several consecutive days, while many media outlets had dropped the story.

My point, is that for some reason the media seems fixated with stories, while tragic, are not really news, well not news of a national type. For instance, today I go to cnn.com and the top story:

'No solid leads' in stabbing deaths of young girls this isn't the first story of its kind in recent weeks, as a matter of fact I can name several recent stories all that have to do with missing children, oh wait, missing white children. And while tragic, this sort of stuff happens every day, yes tragic indeed. If it were up to me children wouldn't have to go through such things, nor their families, but these things happen, and happen more often to non-white families, yet those stories never make front page of cnn.com.

Could you imagine one day going to cnn.com and a story about two children of migrant workers found stabbed to death?

My point? Does it seem like the media is, well, not being the media anymore? Their focus as of late has been unclear, they focus on stories that are tragic but not really stories, and ignore stories that are in fact stories.

For instance, the aforementioned blast in New York City, a memo leaked questioning the legalities of the iraq war, 14 permanent bases being built in iraq, etc...

These are just a few stories that really should be on the front page but aren't. Its no surprise that ABC news can do an expose on American Idol but balks at the idea of doing any kind of investigation when it comes to Tom Delay or anything of actual importance.


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