Thursday, June 23, 2005

Bleeding heart conservatives...

Conservatives love to talk about things that don't really matter, and pass legislation to things that appeal more to the heart then the head.
For instance, take this: House approves flag-burning amendment. Ok, I'm not a flag burner, I really don't see the point, but an amendment to prevent flag burning... doesn't our government have better things to do?

Part of my thinks, fine, just pass it and get it over with. I'm sick of conservatives constantly droning on and on about this. Pass it and move on, start focusing on things that are important, like health care or stopping the exporting of jobs outside of the united states. How about passing some legislation to protect people's pensions from corporate malfeasants? How about some legislation that protects people's right to vote? Or maybe some legislation to ensure anyone who wants to go to college to go to college?

Some how anti-flag burning legislation... not a big concern. No body died for a flag, people die for what a flag represents, if you are willing to throw your life away for a flag, you seriously need to rethink your priorities. Instead people need to rethink what the flag represents, is our government living up to the ideals that anti-flag burning legislation deserves? Is the flag worthy of protection if the government that it represents conducts illicit deals? Is this flag worthy of representing a country that violates human rights and ignores the geneva convention?

Maybe we should focus more on why people burn flags and less on the burning of the flags.


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