Thursday, June 23, 2005

Don't fuck with the guy in the U-Haul van.

The single greatest thing in the world outside of sliced bread is U-Haul insurance. When you rent a vehicle from U-Haul, you are given insurance, this insurance covers any damage you may do with their vehicle, let me tell you, U-Haul insurance is bloody brilliant. Essentially if you get into an accident, you can walk away, U-Haul will cover it, no increased insurance rates, no police report (if the police are not involved), no record of the accident at all, brilliant.

So all I have to say to those of you, who feel that they can cut off the U-Haul van, because it is a U-Haul van (I had this moron pull out of a parking spot right in front of me, had I been going a little faster I would have trashed his car) DON'T FUCK WITH THE GUY IN THE U-HAUL, cause I have insurance and I'm not afraid to use it.


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