Tuesday, June 28, 2005

You spin the truth round (like a record)

Ah, nothing like some good rhetoric on a Tuesday evening. Is it just me or has Bush ran out of new things to say? Its like the 2004 presidential campaign all over again.

How bout some truth, the truth is new. Let's hear the truth.

My favorite part involved bush talking about the terrorists attempting to reshape the middle east in their image, and toppling regimes... HEY! THAT'S US!

UGH and someone PLEASE make him stop saying tyranny... I wonder if he even knows what it means.

Liberty, tyranny, freedom... man someone read to many Captain America comics when he was a kid.

OH MY GOD! He just said "help the military family down the street" HELL YEAH help them, cause their military member won't be back any time soon.

God what a putz.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA a not so subtle attempt to get people to enlist, as you know military enlistment is at an all time low. Heh beg for it Georgie... beg for it.


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