Monday, August 15, 2005


Like so many of my generation I fondly remember a rather grizzled mustached father confronting his drum stick wielding, head phone wearing son with a cigar box full of drugs (where the hell did the kid get the cigar box? That always bothered me). This was the latest anti-drug PSA with the iconic "I learned it by watching you!" punch line.

Too bad there isn't a "take responsibility for your own actions" psa, maybe they could include a half-drunken george bush confronting a delirious Kim Jong-Il about nuclear weapons and the punch line could be "I learned it by watching you"

Ok, a bit extreme but my point being, there was a set of tapes recently released of conversations the george bush jr. had with a supposed family friend. Included in those tapes, the then non-president lamented about children wanting to do drugs, because "the president had". A nobel sentiment, not wanting the children of america to take a bad example from their leader... but what about lying? What about aggression? What about not taking responsibility for your actions? What are those actions saying to the youth of america?

Having driven the highways of the east coast recently, I can for a fact say that the aggression level and selfishness of the average american is getting worse. Wether its slow drivers in the passing lane, or being cut off without a turn signal, things, to me, seem to be getting worse. "Excuse me" has become the catch-all get out of jail free card to excuse someone from not paying attention. When someone bumps into you, because they are obviously not paying attention, they casually say "Excuse me", well, I'm sorry but there is no excuse for you, pay fucking ATTENTION.

American's have become so self-centric that they seldom see what's outside their own little universe, and to be honest, with the antics of this administration, coupled with celebrity and sports stars, who can blame them. When the leader of the free world refuses to admit he's made a mistake or learn from them, how do we expect the average american to? The new catch-all excuse for selfish actions will simply be "Well bush did it".

We really need to start thinking about things outside of our own universe, I know its hard, but when you are walking down a busy street, and you see someone you know, don't stop short, instead move to the side so as not to block the plethora of people behind you.

When driving on the highway, don't sit in the passing lane, if you aren't passing anyone. Most highways nowadays have three lanes, you can easily block traffic in the middle lane as the passing lane. and PLEASE O PLEASE, don't be like the people in PA and speed up when people pass you only to drive slow when they are behind you. I know your life sucks, and you hate your job, but PLEASE, do something to fix that, don't take it out on me.

We really need to get away from this "how does it affect me" way of thinking, this "get rich quick", "I'gots ta get mine" "bling-bling" attitude. Remember when NWA and Public Enemy sang about socially relevant issues? Instead of how much money and bling they have?

This really has to stop, but until the people in positions of influence don't stop, THAT MEANS YOU MISTER "I can't name one thing I did wrong" PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH JR (I can name several mistakes right now) start taking responsibility for their actions, and put money behind them.

One of the ten commandments says "Thou shalt have no other gods before me", well the thing is, money, power, celebrity, are all considered to be "gods before me".


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