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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I love you Jerry but...

Who'd have thunk I would love Springer on the radio, his show annoys the hell out of me but his radio show is great.

My only complaint is that Jerry has one of his producers call in pretending to be some random caller... ok... I have this uncanny ability to recognize voices... its really disturbing sometimes, especially when a voice gets stuck in my head. So I started to notice that someone kept calling in with a very distinctive voice... well the man who's voice it belongs to just went on air.

The thing is that the springer line is ALWAYS busy, so its not like they don't have people to talk to, so why have this guy call in over and over. Granted I listen every day so I recognized his voice.

So Jerry, please, stop having your boy call in... I'd like to get through some time, save some air time for ACTUAL callers.

Otherwise, keep up the good work.


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