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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Is the irony that transparent?

Dear Mr. Bush,

I realize that being a president is a hard job, you have to lie to your people, put the interests of your friends and family above those of the country, and contradict yourself on a daily basis. Clearing brush off of your ranch on your 5 week vacation, having to ignore people object to your performance, but you of all people should recognize the irony in your statements regarding Iraq?

Is it that transparent?

You talk about how the Iraqi people must compromise, to unite around their differences and make compromises...

Compromise... that's the ironic part, since you didn't notice it. Mister president, you need to learn how to compromise, you need to recognize your failings and mistakes. The sign of being an adult is to recognize you made a mistake, accept responsibility for it, and learn from your mistakes. This is what being a responsible adult means.

You also have to learn how to compromise, if you make a decision that people don't like, accept it and move on. No one is an island, John Bolton was a wrong choice, you must realize it, he promoted terrorism against the U.N., not someone who should be dealing with them on a daily basis.

I realize being president is hard, but being an adult shouldn't be as hard. Your campaign rallied on the idea of putting adults back in the white house, so far, you haven't succeeded.

Its time to do as you say, follow your own words, its time to unite the country and accept opposing view points. Its time to put the needs of the country above those of special, political and private interests.

Its time to be an adult.

Its hard to expect the Iraqi government to do this, when they have you as a role model.

God bless the U.S.A.


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