Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The sound of one hand hitting my forehead...

Decision delayed for '.xxx' domain

NEW YORK (AP) -- The Internet's key oversight agency agreed Tuesday to a one-month delay in approving a new ".xxx" domain name after the U.S. government cited "unprecedented" opposition to a virtual red-light district.

Ok... I understand that people don't want to sanction porn on the web BUT... stupid people, with a .xxx domain YOU CAN EASILY BLOCK SITES FROM YOUR KIDS!!!!

Its simple, when all the porn is on one domain the browser can say "oh .xxx, you're not allowed to go there"

Stupid people, this is a GOOD thing... no more going to a site you think is for kids and seeing a giant penis, instead you can go to to see a giant penis.

Hmmm... will the whitehouse website have to be .xxx?


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