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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Another reason to call me a bush hater...

I'm totally amazed at how quickly bush props himself in front of the camera when a supreme court vacancy appears. His reaction time to things that don't matter to him, the tsunami in asia, school shootings on indian reservations, and now hurricane katrina, are always days late and/or inappropriately lacking. While doing research I found this interesting tidbit:

August 30, 2005, The President travels to the San Diego, North Island Naval Air Station to celebrate the 60th anniversary of V-J day. He begins his a 40-minute WWII/Iraq speech, with a one minute address to the devastation that has occurred in New Orleans. Then he goes golfing. --Katrina Timeline

A lot of people are blaming the Governor and Mayor for what happened, I won't speak to that, the timeline sums up a lot of pre-disaster mismanagement, mostly I'm disappointed at how badly the bush administration has handled the response. I just keep thinking "What if this was a terrorist attack?"

I'm sure our enemies are as well.


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