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Friday, September 02, 2005

Bush: Now is not the time to play politics or pleases stop blaming me.

the bush administration has been severely criticised for their response, or rather, lack of response in regard to the hurricane rescue operation. As reports continue to turn up about his lack of initiative in deal with the problem, about mismanaging funds and just down right ignoring the problem all together, people's anger are justly pointed in his direction.

Is it fair or dishonest to expect more out of this administration then any other? Well considering that the worst terrorist attack on american soil and the worst natural disaster both occurred on his watch, and both have been said to been preventable had proper funding and attention be paid to it, then yes, it is fair to lay the blame squarely on his lap.

Despite anything that may or may not have been done ahead of time, its the lack of response that is the most telling. Considering that most of the survivors are poor and black screams volumes as to why the national guard and f.e.m.a. took so long to respond, or why it took bush two days to end his vacation and return to the white house.

but the problem extends outside of the immediate situation, the fact that Louisiana was so quick to revert to a third world status, with looting and near animalistic behavior on the part of its citizens, and the lack of response by the federal government just shows our enemies how ill prepared we are for a large scale attack on us soil.

And that's what scares me.

Our enemies are sitting back and analysing the goings on, the reaction times, and disorder caused by a hurricane. In their minds they are contemplating what would happen if a man made disaster were to occur, how effectively it would cripple us and how successful their attack would be.

A lot of people feel that bush is winning the war on terror, but I disagree, in my eyes all bush has done is show how incompetent our military and leadership is to our enemies. Countries have stopped fearing the united states, they now look at us as a laughable institution the united states has become.

We may not have gay marriage but we also do not have the fear or respect of the rest of the world.


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