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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Haters hate for no reason... I have a reason.

Why am I so critical of the president's response to Hurricane Katrina?

In the past few weeks I've been labeled as a "bush hater", in discussions, even made it onto some conservative blog under that title. However, I would like to point out, I am not a "hater" I am a critic, haters hate for no reason, I have reasons to criticise bush.

In my discussions with conservatives the fact that the response to Hurricane Katrina has been as timely as any other smaller hurricane. To that I have to say, this isn't any other smaller hurricane, this is the worst natural disaster the country has experienced in about 100 years, and this is a post-9/11 world we live in, we can not expect to keep to the same standards.

From an outside point of view, as enemies of this country, imagine watching what happened in LA. Our enemies are not dumb cave dwellers, they have proved to be quite ingenious, and they learned a lot about how this country handles a crisis because of the hurricane.

bush failed miserably in preventing the world from viewing this country as any other third world country. If you want proof of that, both Fidel Castro and Cesar Chavez offered aid, more to further embarrass bush, but also for humanitarian reasons.

bush made this country look weak, and that is what I have the most problem with. This country needed strong leadership, not only to assure the citizens of this country but to show the world how we deal with serious issues such as these.

Had he been a proper leader he would have been more attentive to the situation, addressing the situation on television as soon as possible, reassuring the country that he was on top of the situation, instead he played golf. He would have told the nation he was in close contact with the governors of the affected states, overseeing relief efforts, ensuring that the mistakes that happened with FEMA didn't happen and that no one died needlessly. There is also the problem of Michael Brown, the former FEMA director who turned out to be a fraud, having doctored his resume, yet managed to be approved by both the senate and the president to head up a very crucial governmental agency. Skeptics have brought up that the position is just a bureaucratic one, pushing papers and thus not a problem, but I disagree, if Michael Brown was able to get into his position, how many other unqualified people are in strategic positions of powers. Even if you choose to disregard this information, our enemies aren't.

That is if he was a proper leader, which he isn't.

Instead he projected a air of disinterest and showed how divided this country is, as Abraham Lincoln said "A house divided will not stand".

Ultimately there is no single way to unify this country, the dividing factors are more personal then social or logical. Its hard to unite a country when half feels the other is stupid and the then that half resents being made to feel stupid. But the reasons as to why the feelings exist in the first place aren't easily overcome.

bush supporters are criticised for putting their religious beliefs over the best interests of science and society, while religious people feel they are being persecuted for being religious.

Not an easy gap to overcome, but on a side note: Not being able to have a nativity scene on city hall, not being able to say "Merry Christmas" on city sponsored messaging is not persecution. Persecution is being ripped from your home and hung from a tree, persecution is being dragged from the back of a truck because of your color, persecution is being attacked for being the wrong skin color in the wrong community, persecution is being harassed by your neighbors because you moved into the wrong neighborhood.

I feel that a lot of the religious right's complaints are ridiculous and blown out of proportion, they feel they are being persecuted. I think they are being stupid, they resent me for that. Not an easy thing to overcome.

And to clarify, I don't have a problem with faith, you are entitled to your beliefs, however, do not profess the bible to me, then not follow its precepts.


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