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Saturday, September 03, 2005

"I am a uniter... not a divider"

As the events of Hurricane Katrina play out a dividing line has emerged. This country which has become increasingly divided has split as to the reactions towards the events regarding the rescue and relief efforts.

A lot of the extreme right feel that liberals and the left are quick to blame bush for the disaster, they also automatically drop the "bush haters" bomb as an attempt to discredit the validity of any arguments questioning the administration. Questioning the validity of the arguer while ignoring the argument is a tactic people use when they are unable to debate the merits of the argument.

Since the "bush haters" argument keeps coming up, I want to break down the legitimacy of the "bush hater" argument.

Why do we "hate" bush:

1. He lies. This is not in contention, read any transcript from state of the union addresses and you'll see this is true. The biggest lie being "Iraq had weapons of mass destruction".

2. He's a divider, not a uniter. bush claimed he was a "uniter not a divider", well that's not technically a lie, but since his election in 2000 this country has become the most divided its been since the civil war. I've never heard the "we won, get over it" argument more in my life. This is a president we're talking about, not a baseball game. You can't talk about the future of our country in terms of "we won, you lost, get over it".

3. He plays on people's fears. Gay marriage was pretty much the reason why this man is in office. He stirred up the homophobia pot to help ensure he would win the election. Yet now that he's won and controls the house, senate, and the supreme court how is it no ant-gay marriage legislation has been presented? Because it was a tactic he used to get votes.

4. He's always on vacation. No president in history has been on vacation as much as he has. No hard working american goes on vacation as much as he does.

5. He's a hypocrite. He claims to be a christian yet does not abide by any of the tenants of the christian religion. I'm not a religious person but if you use your "faith" to help win votes, you should at-least live up to what your faith prescribes.

6. He doesn't care. The hurricane was categorised as a category 5 storm on sunday. Bush didn't address the problem until thursday. How may lives could have been saved if he cared? Or if he wasn't on vacation, yet again.

Despite any reports or arguments about wether or not this disaster could have been prevented, the simple fact is that his reaction to this event has been unacceptable. The federal governments reaction has been slow and lacking, when the media can organize faster then the federal government, this is a national embarrassment.

When bush finally did go to examine the damage, he went for a photo op. All of the images I've seen of N.O. have black faces, and not light skinned black, huge groups of blacks, yet bush manages to meet with a white guy and two photogenic ethnic women. "Even the Harry Connick, Jr. made it to the Superdome, and he's a fucking pussy." -- Wonkette.

bush's reaction to the hurricane: golf, birthday party, guitar playing. condeleza rice: shoe shopping, spamalot, tennis playing.

Why do we hate bush? How can you not?

Even conservatives are criticising his response to this disaster, its time to stop the blind support for this ineffectual leader, and open your eyes. I realise that its hard to admit that you were wrong, to allow your pride to be damaged, but its ok. Realising your mistakes and learning from them is more honorable then to blindly follow the pride train off of a cliff.

The argument that liberals and bush haters are enjoying the goings on because it makes the president look bad is unethical. No one, I would hope, on either side wanted this to happen, nor are they happy with what's going on. Arguments about the ineffectualness of bush as a leader have been going on since he took office, this is just another example to how ineffectual he really is.


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