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Thursday, September 15, 2005

I entered the political fray...

And I came out swinging.

Normally I like, but after a recent article on his site I have to say I am disappointed.

"It's bad enough that rich NYC Democrats are backing Bloomberg, despite his slavish loyalty to the national Republican Party."

I'm sorry, but as someone in who lives in New York, I have to say step lightly about what you do not know. The fight is rather heated, some people are accusing those of us who feel that Ferrer is not worthy of our votes as traitors to the Democratic party. I refer to this people as Republicrates, people who claim to be Democrats but act like republicans.

I cannot in good conscious vote for Ferrer. I do not like the guy, I do not trust the guy, I can't endorse the guy.

I do not like Bloomberg, he's done some pretty slimy things, but that should be a testament as to how much we dislike Ferrer that we would choose Bloomberg over him.

I ask that if you feel that we should vote the party line regardless of wether the candidate is worth voting for you need to reevaluate your priorities.

Voting for the devil to spite god is not the solution.


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