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Monday, September 12, 2005

I honestly can't believe this...

Reaction to Katrina split on racial lines

There is a video on the page I recommend you watch... if you can stomach it. bush is talking to reporters standing next to Ray Nagin touring New Orleans. In the interview he goes over the series of events that took place, and he actually pats himself on the back for anticipating the ahead of time:

"I pre-signed emergency declarations in anticipation of the big storm. Which by the way, extraordinary, most emergencies the president signs after the storm has hit. Its a rare occasion for the president to anticipate the severity of the storm and sign the documentation prior to the storm hitting. We anticipated a serious storm coming."

And yet he didn't anticipate the levies breaking.

Ray Nagin, at the moment bush is patting himself on the back, looks like he wants to fuck that cracker up. His head turned so quickly I thought he might break his neck.

The follow up question should have been:

"mister president, if it is extraordinary that you anticipated the storm to be serious, why was the federal response so lacking?"


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