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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

If the pot weren't any blacker...

Someone was nice enough to reference me to this article on the New York Post. Here is a snippet:

PERHAPS the gravest weakness of contemporary liberalism is its tendency toward preening vanity — the regrettable undercurrent that suggests the views liberals espouse demonstrate just how much better, kinder, more thoughtful, more large-hearted and more caring they are than those who might think differently about policy.

On no subject is this preening vanity more evident than when it comes to race, and the preening has been especially pronounced in the past week.

The ironic part is that this article is as "preeingly vain" as he accuses liberals of being. Basically the article is an attack on anyone who in any way thought that the slow response to the hurricane on part of the administration, was related to the fact that many of the survivors were poor and black.

Granted the author is white, as am I, so its no surprise that he's making such outlandish claims. Having heard stories of law abiding citizens who are victims of small acts of racism on a daily basis. Ranging from small things like clutching of purses, to being mistaken for a delivery man in your own apt building, continually. Its easy for me to make that leap. Doesn't mean its true, but it doesn't mean its false either.

So when the idea floats around that racism may had something to do with the almost criminally slow response to the disaster I can make the jump. The disregard that certain white power brokers have with anyone beneath them is staggering sometimes. Granted it may be more of a socio-economic elitism and not racism.

But the article charges for proof of any signs of racism, and while there are no clips of bush dropping the n bomb, there is a simple fact. bush had federal authority over Louisiana since saturday, yet didn't act until thursday. Meanwhile Judge Renquist dies, and that very evening bush releases a written response, and appears before cameras the next morning.

A true test of bush's racial feelings will be the reaction time when clarence thomas steps down or dies in office.


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