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Monday, September 05, 2005

Its a little disappointing...

This was pointed out to me:

Ned Rice alerts:
If anyone cares, at 3:46 PM p.s.t. this afternoon on Air America Radio Randi Rhodes repeatedly urged listeners in hurricane ravaged areas to go right out and loot, arguing that poor people should be allowed to do so at will. She even advised her listeners to avoid discount centers like Wal-Mart and concentrate their looting on some of the higher-end stores so as to have access to higher quality stuff.

I'm not sure if Randi was joking or serious (although with her it's always hard to be sure), but even in jest should she be allowed to do this on the air?

At least she wasn't calling for the assassination of President Bush, as she's done on the air in the past.

If anyone seriously believes that Randi Rhodes would encourage looting for anything other then survival, they're crazy. Randi may stick her foot in her mouth, a lot, but that's a far cry from encouraging lawlessness.

Not that it matters, because without power, who'd have heard her make those remarks anyways?

The statement was wednesday, so fema hadn't even watched the news to see that people were starving, and bush hadn't even come off of vacation yet. So death... or steal a can of soup?

I'm not encouraging looting... but if no one is feeding you... like the food will be worth saving after the repairs come in?

And, heh... pat robertson called for tha assasination of a state leader... heh.


At 9/05/2005 3:10 AM, SaffronSaris said...

You need the food, but u have no money.
There is food in the shops, but the owners are not around.
You can be honourable and not take the food, but the babies need the milk, and the old lady needs her medication.
Do you take the stuff or walk away?


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