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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Race... does it really matter?

In my previous post I linked to an article on CNN that included a video of bush talking about how extraordinary he is, well self-modesty aside, the article actually talked about how race has become a dividing mark on how the response to hurricane Katrina was viewed.

Based on a poll they did, interviewing 100 people (ok how 1000 people is supposed to reflect how the citizens of the United States feels is beyond me), 848 white, 262 black they found that:

Was Race a factor in the slow response?
Yes: 12%
No: 86%
No Opinion: 2%

Yes: 60%
No: 37%
No Opinion: 3%

Who is to blame?
Mayor Naggin: 29%
Residents: 27%
Bush: 15%
No one: 24%
Other: 2%
No Opinon: 3%

Mayor Naggin: 20%
Residents: 11%
Bush: 37%
No one: 27%
Other: 1%
No Opinon: 4%

Polling white people I know, bush is less to blame then local and state governments. This isn't surprising, one conservative told me it was "dishonest" to blame bush for what happened. Granted this was back when people were unaware that governor blanco had declared a state of emergency on the 26th, or extraordinary for a president to sign such declarations ahead of time.

But it doesn't really matter what white conservatives think, actually what white conservatives think is part of the problem. The fact that whites are still so clueless as to how the racial divide is in this country just perpetuates the problem. The republican party has been working hard to repair relations with black voters, well the pathetic response to the hurricane has pretty much destroyed any progress they had made, and pretty much shown how clueless they truly are.

It does help to open your mind to things outside your world, or to know people who aren't like you, to experience things outside what you know. Having been hassled by cops for no reason other then wrong place, wrong look, I can tell you its not fun. Now multiply that by 365 days out of the year, because as my friends like to tell me, they never stop being black.


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