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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Should bush be impeached?

Should bush be impeached? Its hard to say, President Clinton was impeached for simply lying about an affair between two consenting adults. If lying is the standard to which impeachment is held, then bush should have been impeached a long time ago.

conservatives will accuse anyone criticising the president of being a "bush hater", this is a tactic to invalidate the argument. This is the same argument used when throngs of bush administration employees quit and then told tales of what happened during their employment. The right quickly discredited them by saying that they were embittered at their former employer. But honestly, how many have to quit before we start listening to them, Christie Todd Whitman, among them, details her complaints in her book: It's My Party, Too: The Battle for the Heart of the GOP and the Future of America. But she wrote a book, so she had ulterior motives.

So seriously, should bush be impeached? Technically he has committed an impeachable offense. bush transfered funds earmarked for Afghanistan to Iraq, something only congress can do. Aside from that he's put his own interests and those of his party above that of the nation.

But this all just liberal rambling right?

Should congress seriously consider impeachment?

Who are we kidding, this congress will never consider impeachment, despite 10,000 (black) people died last week. Who cares that the information leading us into war was false, who cares if congress considers yet another tax break for the rich (estate tax), who cares that our country now appears weaker (Cuba offered help).

I've yet to meet a conservative who can give me a rational reason as to why bush is a good president despite asking some point blank. Maybe they don't have one, they're just too embarrassed to admit that they made a mistake by supporting him all of this time.


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