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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Something doesn't make sense

Something's been bothering me since I saw it on Meet The Press:

But my experience is very different from Louisiana, apparently. I don't know anything about Louisiana. Over here, we had the Coast Guard in Monday [August 29, 2005] night. They took 1,700 people off the roofs of houses with guys hanging off of helicopters to get them. They sent us a million meals last night because we'd eaten everything through. Everything hasn't been perfect here, by any stretch of the imagination, Tim. But the federal government has been good partners to us. They've tried hard. Our people have tried hard. Firemen and policemen and emergency medical people, National Guard, highway patrolmen working virtually around the clock, sleeping in their cars when they could sleep. And we've made progress every day. GOV. HALEY BARBOUR Meet The Press Sept. 4, 2005

How is it he got Federal help so fast? And LA didn't?


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