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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Yet another day late... and another dollar short.

Today bush met with the head of the Red Cross for yet another photo op. And not unlike the photo op in front of the two helicopters that should have been out rescuing people, instead of acting as a cool backdrop for the pres, red cross employees were better suited to handle calls and crisis then egomaniacal photo ops.

The thing of note is, bush said that the Red Cross needs blood, and that blood drives were being set up and that he was planning to have a blood drive at the white house on... wait for it... friday.



FRIDAY?!? FUCKING FRIDAY!?!? The incompetence continues, I realise that a blood drive is a good thing, but how bout Monday, or tuesday, how bout a day where the extra blood may save some lives...

The problem with feigning care is having some sort of empathy to begin with, like with the rest of this fiasco, bush just doesn't get it. He thinks by putting on a show it will prove he cares... but he just keeps missing the mark.


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