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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Is this the beginning?

Bush: Military may have to help if bird flu breaks out
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush said Tuesday that the possibility of an avian flu pandemic is among the reasons he wants Congress to give him the power to use the nation's military in law enforcement roles in the United States.

One of the arguments made in bush's lack of action in the Katrina disaster was that the federal government couldn't over step its bounds by coming in without being asked.

Now the president is looking to get such power, just like he asked congress for the ability to go to war, something he got and then abused.

Its a catch 22 of sorts, we wanted a faster federal response during Katrin but we don't want a federal takeover of the country, but with a possible epidemic of biblical proportions coming, who would say no to this?

And that's where they get you. The fear of an Avian Flu let's them in and suddenly they're on the couch, watching crappy tv and eating your cookies.

I'm not a conspiracy nut, but this all plays like a badly written spy novel. Where's bush's cat?


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