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Monday, December 19, 2005

Metropolitan Thugs Association

Strike looms in NYC, the group of thugs called the MTA (going your way, just not when you want to) are going to allow the first strike since the 80s to occur, the same MTA that claimed there wasn't enough money so they had to raise fares, then it turns out they had cooked the books but still raised fares, then turned out they had a multi-billion dollar surplus, so instead of giving the employees a fair contract they decided to give a pathetic token gift of 10 extra days on a limited amount of metro cards that you had to pay for in cash at booths... uh what?

I don't want a strike but the MTA is a bunch of thugs, they need to deal, so that I can take the bus, not that the bush shows up in time for me to take it anyways.


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