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Thursday, December 01, 2005

The saga continues BOYCOTT UPS!

As soon as I got into the office today I called UPS, explained my situation and was told that someone would call me back. I gave them my work number and waited... and waited... and waited.

So four hours later I called Best Buy the company that I ordered the 95lbs box from. They get UPS on the phone and I am given the run around. Basically it comes down to one thing, it is UPS's practice not to deliver on the first attempt. The impression I got from the rep at UPS is that they don't deny this. Someone at the company puts an arbitrary delivery time in the system with a failed attempt and they do it the next day. How do I know this? No yellow tag, there's never a yellow tag on the first failed attempt.

The rep confirms I called in the morning, first he claims they called me and talked to someone (lie) then later he claims they called and got no answer (another lie).

So they tell me that its out for delivery today, but I'm not there to get it.
They can deliver it to my office, but its 95lbs, how do I get it home?
I can come pick it up, will I be refunded the money I paid to have it shipped? No answer.
I ask if they can deliver on saturday, instead of a yes or no answer I am told "any time in the next 10 business days"

So I tell him to send it back I no longer want the item, he balks again... tells me to talk to the local manager, I ask for the manager's name but they don't have it, so I call the number, ask for the manager and am told "he just stepped out" (lie) he wasn't available last night when I called as well.

Its all bullshit, had they simply been honest with me I wouldn't be so upset, but they lied and are continuing to lie to me, not unlike president bush.

For the record I don't use UPS for this very reason, they are a bad company and have no customer service skills whatsoever., but sometimes I get stuck with them and always, ALWAYS its a nightmare.


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