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Friday, December 02, 2005

Saga Day 3: BOYCOTT UPS!

Day 3, package still not in my possession, but now I have a yellow tag, so I know the driver actually showed up.

To say that UPS has customer services is laughable, they have someone who talks to you on the phone, but won't actually help you. I called my local delivery center and talked to "Renee" about getting my package delivered. To say that Renee was unsympathetic, is like saying bush is an idiot. Evidently it was my fault for shipping it ground, she informed me that next time I should ship it over night, actually, next time I won't use UPS at all. BOYCOTT UPS! She said I could come pick it up, I said "refund me the shipping costs and I'll pick it up". She said nothing.

The funny thing is that I said to Renee "You may remember me I screamed bloody murder at you", to which she said "Arthur?", evidently a lot of people scream bloody murder at her, not a good sign.

Yesterday I had called the manager twice, no return call, given that its UPS practice not to actually make the first delivery attempt the manager probably ducks a lot of calls. The next step is writing a letter to the company and report them to the Better Business Bureau for what its worth.

Funny thing is that I saw a DHL commercial today about a delivery guy who actually broke into the receiver's office to make sure the package would be delivered.

Hopefully DHL will crush UPS.

"What can brown do for you? Make your life hell."


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