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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I wish people wouldn't be afraid to say "that sucked"

I saw the Willy Wonka remake by Tim Burton via NetFlix, I wasn't a fan, had I seen it in the theater at $10.75 a ticket I would have probably sued to get my money back.

It got me thinking, how is it that Director's like Tim Burton are allowed to continue to make films? Now don't get me wrong, he's had some hits, Edward Scissors hands, Batman, Big Fish, Sleepy Hollow, and Ed Wood were good but he should be flogged for butchering Planet of the Apes, Batman Returns, and Mars Attacks!.

Man was Planet of the Apes bad.

Stephen Spielberg is another director who's number of good movies in recent years is out numbered by the bad ones War of the Worlds was so bad it made me angry, combine that with Minority Report (crap) and AI (pungent crap) my desire to see anything with his name attached to it is relegated to NetFlix.

The man should be stewed in his own pudding for what he did to E.T. see if I ever by that on DVD, legally.

Another director I wish someone would have said "you know, this is really bad" is George Lucas. Looking back on it, he only directed the original Star Wars movie, the other two he had help with script and directing, why not with the new ones?

Somewhere there is a parallel universe where someone said "You know George, this story is complete shyte" and George said "Damn, you're right"

If only I could live in that universe.


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