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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

If this were a drinking game, I'd be drunk already...

9:20 pm Twenty minutes in to his State of the Union Address and already people around the country are drunk from having done a shot everytime bush used his key words: terror (pronounced terrah), evil, freedom, democracy, weapons of mass destruction.

I am not sure why I am watching this, its nothing new. Same ole same ole, he speaks a lot but says nothing.

The next three years are going to be hard.

9:26 pm Well I feel dirty now. bush once again took the name and words of a man killed in the war in iraq for political reasons. Does this man have any shame?

9:29 pm Hamas must recognize Israel and disarm... so far the agenda is Terror, clap, Terror, clap, oh now its Iran... how about healthcare? Jobs? The price of gas?

9:32 pm ok now its time for the fantasy part of the speech, this is where going to Mars and alternative fuel sources are mentioned and quickly forgotten.

9:35 pm bush just defended his use of illegal wire tapping... the way he defends it reminds me of a thief explaining how the loot got in his pockets.

9:37 pm time to chug, bush just boasted as to how well the economy is doing, despite higher energy costs.

9:38 pm uh... bush just stated that immigrants (illegal) are good for the economy...

9:39 pm bush pats himself on the back for how great his tax relief has been to the economy. US national debt at the moment: $8,189,891,920,028.07

9:41 pm Uh... doesn't the line item veto already exist?

9:42 pm TIME TO CHUG!!! social security reform, made to sound worse then it actually is *HA Democrats grew a sack and started cheering when bush said that congress didn't listen to him. Impressive, boy he looks pissed.

9:45 pm border protection? Sure, why not, its only 4 years too late.

9:46 pm DID HE JUST SAY AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE!?!? Uh... Dems aren't clapping.

9:48 pm Alternative energy sources, ah... nuclear energy bush has a hard on for a nuclear power plant, he must think he's Monty Burns. Did he just say ethenol?!?

9:50 pm ok now he's just gone crazy... American Competiviness Initiative!?! Nano-technology, super computing, someone's been reading the dictionary.

9:52 pm DRINK-no child left behind.

9:54 pm DRINK-abortion... get in now while you can, once Scalito gets sworn in we can kiss it good bye. ABSTINENCE-DRINK!

9:55 pm ha! I find it hilarious that bush would talk about morality since he is completely devoid of any. Republicans like to stand a lot, maybe they should find more comfortable chairs. bush just talked about "legislate from te bench" ironic that he would say such a thing, since the elimination of roe v wade could be interpreted as such.

Did Sandra Day O'Connor skip out on tonight's events?

9:57 pm human/animal hybrids?!? what?!?

9:58 pm ethics in Washington... there are ethics in washington?

10:00 pm ok, not even sure what that meant but it sounded nice... The Ryan White Act?!? Honestly... its like going to Mars.

10:03 pm Turn back or finish well... what the hell does that mean? Isn't this over yet?

Done! Thank god, I can take a shower now.


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