Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Boycott UPS! The continuing story...

As my crusade against UPS continues, I recently chatted with some friends about their experiences, to say that we had similar experiences is and understatement... let me explain.

One friend told me that UPS had attempted delivery, despite being home the entire day, not uncommon, they were then told they could pick the package up at the delivery center. Once they got there they were told it was still on the truck, so they drove up and down the streets of Brooklyn till they could find the truck (probably at a dough nut shop) and demanded their package.

Another friend told me how he too stayed home for a delivery, got a "Delivery Attempted" notice and proceeded to call the dispatcher, after informing the dispatcher about the invention of the radio and and cell phones he received his package.

I also learned that UPS is union, Teamsters, suddenly it all makes sense. I've never had this problem with FedEx or Airborne Express, only UPS.

For the record, I am in favor of the theory of unions, I believe that the union used to be a proud and noble endeavor, now, however, it has become a symptom of the corruption it fought so hard against.

On a side note, I did a google search for Boycott UPS! I was pleasantly surprised to see my site appear on the first page, but was disturbed that I share that honor with a group who's intention of boycotting UPS is based on their refusal to ship firearms.

What a dilemma, I hate UPS for their inability to deliver a package on time, but admire them for taking a stance against firearms...

Boycott UPS!!!


At 6/13/2008 12:38 PM, Anonymous Meredith Oldfield said...

to tell the world about U.P.S and who they really are and how they treat their customers .
They have franchises out there and U.P.S. doesn't care how they treat customers . even though it falls back on them ...
I'm my eyes it is U.P.S. and they should care how their customers are treated . bc Even if it is a franchise it falls back on them .
I asked for the 800 number to call and have a package picked up .at the Everett office phone # ( 617 ) 389-4357 .. the lady gave me 1-800-ups ...
stupidly I said Thank You and called . But everyone knows
you need 7 digits after the 800 . So I called back and and ask the girl politely to recheck the # bc I think she had given me the wrong # ... she proceeded to give me the same # so I calmly told her I believe that you need 7 digits after the 800 # . She then screamed at the top of her lungs to FUCK OFF .. NOT ONCE BUT THEE TIMES .. then hung up on me . So I called back and asked her her name and the managers name .
she told me no .. I'm the only one in the store . and hung up once again . I called back a third time and said
" If your the only one in the store your manager is going to know who you are ." would you please give me her name and what time sge is in ... she hung up again ...
So I called 411 and got the 800 # then proceeded to call with a complaint they told me its a franchise and there was nothing they could do .. they gave me another # to make a complaint . So I called that number and the voice mail said " they are at a meeting " So I waited till the next day to call and make a complaint . I did so and then called the store again to make a complaint to the manager .
I asked her for her name right away and she said no ... which put red flags up bc any manager at any company would be more then Happy to give their name . and listen to the complaint and deal with it , I didn't once get an apology from this so called Manager who finally told me her name was "BARBRA" well she told me there are two sides to every story and do you think I'm going to believe a customer .
this Lady had a very distinct accent . and funny thing is so didn't the girl who I spoke with the day before .
So I hung up with the crazy so called manager . and proceeded to call the 800 # to once again make another complaint on this so called Manager . They told me we will send the complaint to the store and have the manager handle it . It's not up to us how they are reprimanded . So I ask the man Richard Bondack (I believe thats how it is spelled ) What if it was the manager of the company . He said it's not our problem . So I then asked to speak with his supervisor and He said No I'm hanging up now . So I hung up feeling helpless ... I don't and wont be mistreated by anyone . I am disgusted how U.P.S. treats their customers .
I'm a very strong willed individual . and I don't stand by and let anyone disrespect me or treat me in such a manor .
When I work for a company I treat the people who are customers of that company with the up most respect . and nothing less . even if I am having a bad day . I would respect the company that I work for and there customers .
The internet is a powerful tool to get the word out and stand up for yourself . this E-mail will go out to everyone I can get a hold of and everyone that will listen .
I bet the C.E.O. of the company wouldn't be happy at all knowing they hired people who don't seem to care or respect his/her company . They have lost my business for life . which hurts alot of the company's I have come to respect .
bc I will no long shop on the internet and they lost a company's business . which cost them a lot of money .
FED/EX hasn't given me ME A PROBLEM AND TREATS THERE CUSTOMERS WITH RESPECT . they have gained bc of this .
U.P.S claims to care about their customer and their packages but when you have a problem you see how they really care. I would love to talk to the C.E.O. of the company and ask him why I was treated in such a manor.
Ask him why he is letting his employees loose customers. I believe he hired these people to bring in customers and more business . but they are NOT they are loosing customer left and right . In any company they have managers to deal with complaint and listen to customers . but at U.P.S. they
don't and wont let you talk to a manager . they say it isn't our problem ... but It is your problem and I'm putting my story out there everywhere . they could have resolved this by first apologizing and then taken my complaint seriously and with respect . Thank God for the B.B.B .. Thats my next step .
People may think I'm crazy for wasting so much time on U.P.S. but I will not let anyone treat me in any way shape or form with such disrespect and I will stand up and demand respect . No one deserves anything less .
So Here I am to boycott U.P.S. and hopefully people will follow and eventually U.P.S. might think Hmmm maybe it is our problem .
So feel free to leave comments if you agree with me ..
If NOT I will respect your feedback in a respectful manor . FIRST I will Thank everyone in advance for reading this . It's one step closer to someone doing something about it and maybe even apologizing

At 8/19/2008 8:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so glad im not the only one getting screwed by this company. i agree, BOYCOTT!! 3 times in a row ive had to go pick up my package because the driver never buzzes the apartment. BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT!!!!!!

At 3/26/2009 5:55 AM, Blogger Boycott_UPS said...

UPS Treats Their Empoyees Like Under Paid Slaves. They Wrongfully Fired Me and Said I Wasn't Entitled to My Vacation Pay;Personal or Sick days and My Union;Teamsters Local 623 Said this as well;Including at the Time; the Local Union President Jim Merrittand 2 Other Union Officials. Three Human Resourses also said this. Though many UPS Employees and a Now Former Local Union 623 Offical Say He Received His Benefits and Told me and Showed Me the Local Union Book that He Gave Me and it States; If Terminated; I'm Entitled to All Pay.So Everyone; Please Join me and Boycott UPS and Chose FEDEX From Now On. This UPs Hub is Located at 15 East Oregon Ave. Philadelphia; Pa.19148

At 4/04/2009 5:01 PM, Blogger ! britFACE¬© said...

ive had my things damaged everytime a company uses UPS, im sick of it! i ranted about it on my blog too, im gonna try and boycott it, but most companies use it now which pisses me off

At 8/28/2009 3:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've had countless similar experiences. I've moved 6 times in the past 4 years, and in each of those 6 places UPS has been the worst package service, and always missed deliveries, lost packages, stolen packages (yes, it happened once), or - my personal favorite, ruined items clearly marked as perishable by leaving them on a 100 degree truck for 2 days before delivering it.

I'm doing everything I can to boycott, but first we need companies to be transparent about their shipping options. I'll gladly pay more not to use UPS, but major companies (take Amazon, for instance) don't tell you what company is associated with each shipping option. I think this is the first step to giving consumers real choice.

At 11/11/2009 3:10 PM, Anonymous jacobbtbam said...

I recently had a dresser shipped to me by UPS. It was damaged when I got it so we called them and did a damage claim. They said they couldnt do one because i threw away the box it came in(which was destroyed and taking up room in my apartment). I figured i'll take it to the ups store and they will ship it back from there. When I got to the store they told me they couldnt ship it without the box but they would gladly package it themselves for $75. $75 to put it in a f*king box. They refused to to take care of the mess they created. Needless to say I will do my best to avoid UPS from now on. What ever happened to the customer is always right. I hope anyone who reads this stops using them as well.

At 1/07/2010 6:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For years I have received less than half of my packages without having to spend hours dealing with UPS and begging them to make deliveries, which were already paid for. I too have checked tracking to find that "a delivery attempt was made" when it clearly was not. Once when this happened twice in a row, I waited and listened for the truck on the third day. When I heard a truck I thought could be UPS I ran outside, just in time to see the UPS truck drive away. I was then told my package was delivered. Then I was told it was not. When I do get my packages, they are usually late and the drivers are often rude and sarcastic. They get hostile if they have to wait more than .006 seconds for you to come to the door, if they wait at all. Usually I just hear someone yell something that sounds like "UPS." Then I hear a loud THUMP as my box is dropped/thrown against the building. They have even placed a large box in the corner of our security door, so the door was jammed and I could not get out. I had to call someone to pull the box out of the doorway so I could get out. I recently spent 6 hours trying to locate a package. I did get a manager who was very helpful. However, I have yet to receive my package. The day is not over though, and I am hopeful that he will take care of this for me. If not, we will start this again tomorrow. Here is the info. for the UPS corporate office:


55 Glenlake Parkway NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30328

United States

Phone: 404-828-6000
Fax: 404-828-7666

The president is Daniel J. Brutto

I recently told a company that if they are going to ship via UPS, I will never order from them again. It is just not worth the hassle you have to go through. Anyhow, using credit cards is so last decade. Let's all take back out time and our money and use cash in the stores!

At 1/08/2010 4:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an update to the last post. It is now the next day. I have not received my package. About two hrs. ago a good samaritan called to inform me that my cks. (UPS package) were blowing all over the city. A supervisor from UPS and I went to the location and found 3 cks which had been walked on, driven on, etc. I think the driver, when told I was calling about my order, decided to get revenge, opened his window and the envelope, stuck his hand out the window as he drove off, and let the checks fly out the window. Now here is the killer: I told the supervisor I want him terminated immediately, as I will not use UPS if he is going to be responsible for my items. I was then told there is no way he will ever be fired, because he is UNION! If you choose to order something that will be delivered UPS, please know that you may spend a week or more of pure frustration and never get your item. Just avoid UPS. There is nothing you need so badly to make it worth going through this!


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