Thursday, February 02, 2006

A comment on admitting you made a mistake

In his article When does the "self-correcting" blogosphere start to self-correct? Glenn Greenwald talks about a refusal to self-correct oneself on the conservative side, he says:

Before the Capitol Police acknowledged yesterday that there was no legal basis for removing, let alone arresting, Cindy Sheehan -- to the contrary, they admitted that they "screwed up" because "Sheehan didn't violate any rules or laws" -- numerous Bush followers in the blogosphere were celebrating Sheehan's detention on the ground that she broke the law. Many of them were calling for all sorts of punishments to be imposed on Rep. Lynn Woolsey, who invited Sheehan to the speech and therefore aided and abetted her "illegal" behavior.

Yesterday I participated in a discussion of the Sheehan incident in a discussion group, the opinions ran right down the party line, with no spill over. The conservatives felt Sheehan had acted illegally, the liberals felt that her arrest was illegal.

Now that the police are admitting to a mistake, the conservatives are quiet... why? Nobody likes to admit they are wrong.

It's human nature, we don't like to admit that we made a mistake, that we were wrong, pride just won't us do it. Case in point, any time bush is wrong, he refuses to accept responsibility for it. What kind of message does this send to our kids?

Martha Stewart, broke the law and went to jail, she returns with absolutely no remorse, and publicly complains about having to wear and ankle device. I haven't seen one point where she says "Guess I shouldn't have broken the law".

What does this say to the future generations when people like bush and stewart refuse to accept responsibility for their actions? How do I justify to my child that they must fess up to having broken the lamp when the president of the united states refuses to. bush once confessed he was worried that kids may try pot because he had, well what about lying, and refusing to accept responsibility for ones actions?

What's worse, it seems since bush took office that this kind of behavior is becoming more and more prevalent.

So its no surprise that conservative blogs refuse to admit they made a mistake, or worse, that they are so quick to allow a woman to go to jail simply because they don't like her stance on the war, when the president himself refuses to admit he made a mistake or tell the truth in congress.


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