Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dropping the N bomb.

Being a liberal white male, the "n" word makes me feel uncomfortable. It isn't just the meaning of the word, the word itself is just ugly to see and ugly to say. Unfortunately, the "n" word is making a big comeback thanks to Dave Chappelle and the Boondocks.

Dave Chappelle helped to start the ball rolling, his highly popular show is highly quotable, "n" word and all. Dave lamented that this was wearing on him as he confessed to Oprah that during a shoot, one white worker laughed inappropriately to a race inspired joke.

The Boondocks is worse, going so far as to have a fantasy episode where Martin Luther King Jr, after awaking from a comma (instead of having died as a result of sniper's bullet), is disgusted at how his "dream" has been perverted.

This is America, and I honestly believe in freedom of speech, but when I find dropping the n-bomb to be a casual affair, maybe its time to think about the responsibility of free speech. I am in no way suggesting that these shows be censored, just that the writers may want to rethink what they are doing. Granted rap music has been doing this for years, and their over use of the n-word is one of the reasons I don't enjoy rap, however the Chappelle show and the Boondocks are some of the smartest and funniest television on tv in recent years, but is the price of this work worth the resurgence of one of the most repugnant words in the American language?

"Nigga please"


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