Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Britney's Pregnant!!!!!

Kevin 3 Britney 1...

Prepare to ignore your news...

Bush needs to stay out of Florida

Florida eyes allowing residents to open fire whenever they see threat

"MIAMI (AFP) - Florida's legislature has approved a bill that would give residents the right to open fire against anyone they perceive as a threat in public, instead of having to try to avoid a conflict as under prevailing law."

AWESOME!!!! so basically what this means is, if you are a solider who is going to be sent to Iraq, legally you can shoot your commanding officer, the president, anyone who is threatening to send you to die...

Congress and the president need to stay out of Florida... some how I see an increase of military personnel moving to Florida... be careful they were taught how to use a gun.

Erring on the side of life... what?!?

Republicans on Tuesday beat back a Democratic attempt to provide almost $2 billion in additional health care funding for veterans, rejecting claims that Veterans Affairs hospitals are in crisis.

How is it that when Terry Schiavo lay, brain dead in her bed, the congress came together to stop her evil husband and those activist judges from pulling the feeding tube... The president even managed to get off of his fat, always on vacation, ass and fly to washington to sign it...

Ok, that was ONE woman, regardless of what your personal feelings on this matter are, are you telling me the fate of one brain dead woman some how outweighs supporting the men and women who had limbs blown off in defense of corporate america... uh I meant our country?

COME ON! where are the protestors with Xs on their knees protesting infront of congress, angry with inadequet health care for our "boys"... oh wait... you have the yellow magnet on your car... yeah you support the troops.

Supporting the troops means you SUPPORT THE FUCKING TROOPS!!! Not that you don't hold them responsible for what our leaders are doing... supporting our troops means not sending them to die for the wrong reason, supporting out troops means taking care of them when they come home with missing limbs... supporting the fucking troops means calling your senators and representatives and telling them to get off their assess and putting their money where their mouth is...


Paris Hilton to get richer without taking her clothes off

So today the house voted to permanently repeal the estate tax woo hoo! Grandma can die now cause I won't have to pay taxes on what she leaves me... oh wait, grandma has no money...

But Paris does, thanks to the good republicans in the house Paris will now have more money, I just hope she uses it to buy a hack-proof blackberry!!!

Lazy is as lazy does...

Americans on a whole are lazy, actually humans on the whole are lazy. You need only look at your microwave to know this to be true. So its easy to get upset when you listen to the regular rhetoric that comes from the right side of the political arena, I understand it, uniformed people upset you. And its easy to understand why these people are uniformed, being informed is hard work.

Imagine instead of watching American Idol, you had to watch the news or read a newspaper... but who is going to get kicked off!?! Its easier to plop on your couch and pop open a beer, watch some sporting event, and forget that there is anything outside of the four walls of your house.

Its human nature.

But when it comes to making decisions that affect people outside of your 4 walls I would hope that you'd take the time to determine what is true and what isn't. This also requires you not rely on Fox news or any of the plethora of conservative talking points, in other words it requires you to use your fucking head for anything other then a hat rack.

So when you hear someone on the radio or in conversation say that Iraq attacked us, don't hate them, sympathize with them, just because you took the time to find out that non of the hijackers from 9-11 were from Iraq, that Iraq didn't have any weapons of mass destruction, that the sanctions were working (Bush himself said it, not lying look it up), just change the subject to sports or American idol, because in the end... wouldn't you rather talk about wether or not Brittany is pregnant?

Monday, April 11, 2005

I love Law & Order or Monday night tv SUCKS!

About a year ago, there was this "crisis" in the television world. According to Nielsen males 18-35 were watching less network tv, and were migrating in droves to cable and pay channels... the networks couldn't figure out what was going on and at first blamed Nielsen for bad reporting...

well... here's the thing about network television... IT SUX!!!!

Beyond sux actually... its Monday night, and after suffering through Sienfeld for the umpteenth time, can't stand Everybody Loves Raymond, but its almost 8... let's see what's on tonight:

Still standing... uh no.
Listen up... uh whatever...
Everybody loves raymond... hey its that episode where Raymond sides with with his mother over his wife... oh wait, that's EVERY EPISODE.
Two and a half men, I hear good things but its on at 9:30, what do I do till then?
CSI Miami... its a CBS show, CBS shows have this weird film on them like cooking oil bottles do.

Fear Factor- Reality television... nuff said.
Miss USA 2005 - Uh I have the internet, and there's free porn there.

FOX or how I killed network television
Nanny 911 - what?!? no american idol?
24 - its called DVD wait for it

How'd they do that? - Tonight's episode, how'd we get anyone to watch this crap?
The bachelor - Reality tv... whatever
Supernanny, I hated this show at 8 why would I watch it at 10.

Crap even medium isn't on tonight... Medium was the only show I could stomach on monday night, otherwise its Law & Order, all night, thank god for TNT... and video games...

Anyways... networks, if you want to know why my demographic ain't watching tv, its cause you make crappy tv... stop with the reality tv (its not reality, they're on tv!) and write some decent shows...

Now I have to wait till Wednesday until some good shows come on. LOST!!!!!

Welcome to my ranting...

Several incidents over the last few weeks have been building up on my mind... festering, so to speak, in my mind, and finally I have a place to verbally vomit it, for all to read, lucky you.

So I'm sitting here, listening to Jerry Springer on Air America Radio and a news article about Hillary Clinton running for President came up... ok, before you form any ideas based on this let's get this out in the open... America isn't ready for a female president, hell we couldn't even get a decorated war hero elected, how the hell do you think a woman is going to get elected in this current climate? Answer, she isn't, but Karl Rove wants you to think she is... Karl Rove, for those of you who don't know, is the mastermind behind Bush getting reelected, he successfully pushed the Gay Marriage initiative as a dividing point in the political race.

What does this mean?

Karl Rove implanted the idea of gay marriage into the public consciousness, now while this initiative has been in the works for years, Rove managed to bring it to light in such a way that the gay and lesbian community fell for it and ran with it, thus dividing america enough to get Bush reelected...

For the record, I believe in gay marriage, I think its only a matter of time, like the end of slavery, it will happen... but I believe that people need to be patience.

So, who initiated the idea of Hillary Clinton running for President? Karl Rove, why did he do it? Well he understands that a woman won't get elected for president in 2008, so by supporting Hillary, getting her into the minds of Democratic party, to get her as the forerunner, then the Democratic party will be stuck with another candidate that isn't electable... granted, John Kerry didn't want to win, or else he would have run a campaign that would have won..

So STOP TALKING ABOUT HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT, don't fall for Karl Rove's dirty tricks AGAIN! Its time to think with the rational part of your brain that knows that a woman won't be elected president in 2008 and if for some reason you think it is possible? Ask yourself, how did a decorated war hero get defeated by a coked up alcoholic...