Tuesday, April 19, 2005

OH MY GOD!!! What is your @!##$%@ problem?!?

Seriously... what is wrong with Republicans in this country?!? When did they put the party above the country!?! How is it that they always vote on party lines? Don't they care about America? Don't they care about us? Or does the needs of the Republican party win over what is MORAL AND JUST!?!

How do you claim to be a party of MORALS and then vote the party line?!? That's not moral... that's STUPID... THINK FOR YOUR FREAKIN SELF...

Seriously... lets take a look at some of the decisions that Republicans put above the needs of America:
Condoleezza Rice: The WORST attack on United States soil occurred while she was the National Security Advisor... the BIGGEST breach in National Security occurred under her watch... was she reprimanded? Was she fired? uh... no... she was promoted to Secretary of State, and I say GOOD JOB! Cause when a finger is sold in someone's chili at Wendy's, some one will get fired, but when thousands of Americans get murdered on US soil, and not only did you not try to stop it, but allowed it to happen... you get a promotion... well done indeed.

Alberto Gonzales: He promoted torture, he encouraged then Governor Bush to execute mentally retarded and born again christians. He is now Attorney General... so well done... such an environment of life... well done indeed.

John Bolton: Bolton has a long history of advocating U.S. unilateral action. He has stated that "Diplomacy is not an end [in] itself if it does not advance U.S. interests." He helped formulate the administration's go-it-alone policy that has isolated us from our allies and tarnished our image abroad. He has questioned the effectiveness and the very purpose of the United Nations. He once said that "There is no such thing as the United Nations."

So obviously a man who doesn't believe in the United Nations is, of course, the best choice to be the ambassador to it...

Well done Republicans, well done indeed... continue to prove that you are good Republicans, but BAD FUCKING AMERICANS.

You disgust me... god would be disgusted with you, I am.