Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.

As the midnight release of Star Wars looms, I wanted to take a moment and say... WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO YOU GEORGE?!?

Now this isn't new, I'm not the first star wars gen fan to wonder when the madness of King George, or Master George kicked in. A more famous counter part, Kevin Smith, has more publically taken Mister Lucas to task for the killing of our childhood memories. I remember as a wild eyed kid, watching Star Wars in the theaters (god I'm old) for the first time, I ended up seeing it 3 times in the theaters, at least I have that. In 1978 my mother was doing an internship that required us to drive past a certain drive in, late on Sunday nights, my brother and I would anxiously anticipate that 30 seconds of Star Wars we would witness in the car as we waited at a red light. We would beg our father to slow down so that we could see the same scene over and over (the scene in which Porkins is shot from the sky).

Star Wars meant so much to us then, I remember my brother and I getting out of school to see Return of the Jedi on opening day as part of a field trip for the AV class we were in (yeah laugh it up). I remember that fateful day when we learned Darth Vader was Luke's father, and like so many others, we were excited to see the prequels and the sequels. We were promised a total of 9 films Mister Lucas, I don't care what your warped brain remembers.

But for me, Star Wars, the original movie remains my favorite. A lot of people say Empire is theirs but I really love the original. Fresh eyed Luke, Han shooting first, a Chewbacca who's NOT INTERESTED in the rebel alliance.

Something happens to men as they get older and have kids, they soften. The pussify, they look back at their great works and realize they may have been too harsh.

It happend to Lucas, HAN SHOT FIRST, it happend to Spielberg (rumor has it he's reediting JAWS, the shark nibbled not ate), it happens to a lot of men, men who weren't in charge of our childhood memories.

All I have to say is that I will see this movie, I was planning on seeing it at a matinee over the weekend, instead now I will be thrust into the geek filled throngs of a friday night showing.

This better be worth it Mister Lucas, the Cartoon Network's Clone Wars cartoons did a lot to repair your damage, the two Knights of the old Republic video games helped as well, the proposed TV show will do wonders for the Star Wars franchise, I just hope this movie is worth it. You have a lot to make up for.