Wednesday, July 20, 2005

bill frist you have no credibility...

bush named a new supreme court nominee John Roberts Jr., at a press conference bill frist, majority leader, spoke highly of the judge. I'm sorry mister frist but you have no credibility, you diagnosed from VIDEO TAPE the viability of Terri Schiavo... V-I-D-E-O T-A-P-E... it was later learned that Mrs. Schiavo's brain had shrunk to a size that didn't permit normal activity. You sir, are a quack and political opportunist, which is counter-productive for Judge Roberts, since you have no credibility left.

president bush has no credibility either after changing channels on the Valerie Plame outing. Again neither endorsement bodes well for Judge Roberts.

At this point with Mickey Mouse endorsements from the Republican party this man doesn't sit well, its unfortuneate because I would like to learn if this man is worthy to be appointed to a life term on the highest court on the land.

I'm not being coy... I'm being the president...

So president bush announced President vows to fire anyone who committed a crime not to be confused with when he said anyone involved in leaking the name of the covert CIA operative would be fired.

Does he not get the idea of the 24 hour news cycle? Or that if you say something on TV it can come back to haunt you? I know that he doesn't read... but seriously... how dumb can you be.

So obviously this whole new direction that the president is taking leads me to believe as does many others, that Karl Rove will not be found to have commited a crime. Rove only leaked the name of a C.I.A. operative, putting not only her life in danger but also the lives of her contacts as well as pretty much ending her career. Cause, c'mon who wants a spy who isn't secret any more.

The mandate says that you must "knowingly" reveal the identity, knowingly being the key word, if Rove didn't know it was illegal to announce a secret agents real name to the press, then who really knows anything.

For the record, when one learns the secret identity of a super hero, say the Green Lanter, it is not usually good form to announce that he is indeed Hal Jordan. Just a tip.

So aside from the fact that liar liar mister bush's pants are on fire, what does this teach our kids? bush has already been known to say that he doesn't want kids trying pot because "the president did" well how about lying? how about playing political games with people's lives? What kind of message does that say to the youth of today? That its not cool to smoke pot but it is cool to talk about people behind their backs and plan their political downfall? This generation is already the "its not my fault" generation, how many more bad things are we going to teach our kids?

If this president had any kind of character he'd stand up and denounce all of this, he'd even say he's been a bad role model and not a good president and put the country first and step down. HA! What am I saying, this president leads the record on things that aren't his fault, why would he accept any blame for anything ever?

Being an adult means standing up and saying "Yes, I fucked up" and learning from your mistakes. If you touch a hot iron, you damn well know you won't touch it again, but the lesson of this president is that you keep touching it till your finger falls off.

This administration is like a bad movie, who's plot is so transparent you can see what they are doing 10 moves ahead. I'm just waiting for the verdict announcing that there was insufficent evidence to prove that karl rove knew what he was doing was illegal.

I have a suggestion, lets ask the kids what they think, go to a grade school and ask 5 year olds if tattling is ok... see what they say.