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Friday, September 09, 2005

Do I get royalties?

Someone stole my idea: Golddigger Remake

From the horses mouth spews...

First lady: Charges that racism slowed aid 'disgusting'

Her arguments would be more effective if she could remember the name of the storm (KATRINA not Corrina).

Its not that she's a dumb racist, she just doesn't care... she's just emulating Marie Antoinette.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Kanye West

Yesterday Kanye Westt appeared at the Apple presentation at San Francisco's Moscone West.

After thanking Steve Jobs for allowing him to perform, he altered the lyrics of his song to take another jab at bush. The performance was another example of why the man is a Grammy Award winner.

In the same vain as his re-writing of lyrics I present another variation for his song "Gold Digger":

"I ain't sayin bush a golddigger, but he ain't tryin' to save no broke niggas"

Downloaded his album this morning from the Apple iTunes music store. Good stuff.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

If the pot weren't any blacker...

Someone was nice enough to reference me to this article on the New York Post. Here is a snippet:

PERHAPS the gravest weakness of contemporary liberalism is its tendency toward preening vanity — the regrettable undercurrent that suggests the views liberals espouse demonstrate just how much better, kinder, more thoughtful, more large-hearted and more caring they are than those who might think differently about policy.

On no subject is this preening vanity more evident than when it comes to race, and the preening has been especially pronounced in the past week.

The ironic part is that this article is as "preeingly vain" as he accuses liberals of being. Basically the article is an attack on anyone who in any way thought that the slow response to the hurricane on part of the administration, was related to the fact that many of the survivors were poor and black.

Granted the author is white, as am I, so its no surprise that he's making such outlandish claims. Having heard stories of law abiding citizens who are victims of small acts of racism on a daily basis. Ranging from small things like clutching of purses, to being mistaken for a delivery man in your own apt building, continually. Its easy for me to make that leap. Doesn't mean its true, but it doesn't mean its false either.

So when the idea floats around that racism may had something to do with the almost criminally slow response to the disaster I can make the jump. The disregard that certain white power brokers have with anyone beneath them is staggering sometimes. Granted it may be more of a socio-economic elitism and not racism.

But the article charges for proof of any signs of racism, and while there are no clips of bush dropping the n bomb, there is a simple fact. bush had federal authority over Louisiana since saturday, yet didn't act until thursday. Meanwhile Judge Renquist dies, and that very evening bush releases a written response, and appears before cameras the next morning.

A true test of bush's racial feelings will be the reaction time when clarence thomas steps down or dies in office.

I don't hate bush I hate conservatives...

I've reached my limit, I am seriously to the point of violence, why? Conservatives.

10,000 people are estimated to have died as a result of hurricane Katrina, and yet conservative apologists still rally around the president. You've got to be kidding me.

At the least bush's reaction was embarrassing, at the most it was criminal, but to deny that he is in any way to blame is criminal and dishonors the memories of those who died in this disaster. Their memory deservers the truth, and if the truth leads to the white house, so be it. The rest of the world is no longer afraid of us, let alone respects us because of this man, how much longer must we endure this incompetence?

But feel free to label me as a "bush hater" in an attempt to invalidate my argument. Let me know how you sleep at night.

This situation is so disgusting, but what is more disgusting is that bush fanatics are unwilling to recognise the truth, and instead hold the president above any sort of responsibility.

"Wake up white people"... the president screwed up. He waited too long before getting involved, and no matter what argument you can make it doesn't counter act the fact that 10,000 people are presumed dead.

It is up to us to honor their deaths by finding out the truth.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Should bush be impeached?

Should bush be impeached? Its hard to say, President Clinton was impeached for simply lying about an affair between two consenting adults. If lying is the standard to which impeachment is held, then bush should have been impeached a long time ago.

conservatives will accuse anyone criticising the president of being a "bush hater", this is a tactic to invalidate the argument. This is the same argument used when throngs of bush administration employees quit and then told tales of what happened during their employment. The right quickly discredited them by saying that they were embittered at their former employer. But honestly, how many have to quit before we start listening to them, Christie Todd Whitman, among them, details her complaints in her book: It's My Party, Too: The Battle for the Heart of the GOP and the Future of America. But she wrote a book, so she had ulterior motives.

So seriously, should bush be impeached? Technically he has committed an impeachable offense. bush transfered funds earmarked for Afghanistan to Iraq, something only congress can do. Aside from that he's put his own interests and those of his party above that of the nation.

But this all just liberal rambling right?

Should congress seriously consider impeachment?

Who are we kidding, this congress will never consider impeachment, despite 10,000 (black) people died last week. Who cares that the information leading us into war was false, who cares if congress considers yet another tax break for the rich (estate tax), who cares that our country now appears weaker (Cuba offered help).

I've yet to meet a conservative who can give me a rational reason as to why bush is a good president despite asking some point blank. Maybe they don't have one, they're just too embarrassed to admit that they made a mistake by supporting him all of this time.

Barbara Bush should be seen and not heard...

Barbara Bush sees sunny side

Tribune staff reporters John Bebow, Lisa Black, Mary Ann Fergus, James Janega and John von Rhein contributed to this report. Tribune news services also contributed
Published September 6, 2005

Former First Lady Barbara Bush, who toured the Astrodome and met hurricane evacuees Monday in Houston, may have tried to put too cheerful a spin on what has occurred in the last week.

"Almost everyone I have talked to says, `We're going to move to Houston,'" she said in remarks to National Public Radio's "Marketplace."

"What I'm hearing is they all want to stay in Texas," she said. "Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this, this is working very well for them."

Words escape me...

Monday, September 05, 2005

Open call to all conservatives.

I invite any rational conservatives who can make a compelling argument in favor of bush to please do so in the comments section. I am desperate to have a good debate with a logical argument. I've yet to find that.

I've yet to learn anything...

So I've been debating with a couple of conservatives this weekend, about this whole fiasco. I have to give them credit though, they stick to their guns, their misguided guns. One even pulled the "Clinton" card, Clinton hasn't been president for 5 years.

Ok, so the problem is the spin, conservatives are spinning the blame of Katrina on the local and state and the liberals are spinning the blame on the white house.

Problem is, from a public relations pov the liberals are winning. Regardless of who is finally to blame, bush looks bad. Why does bush look bad? He waited to long, as a result people died.

That's it, no one cares after that, his reaction time, too slow, not to be confused with his reaction time to Renquist's death, which was light speed compared to thousands of poor blacks dying in New Orleans.

It also doesn't help that the head of fema went on tv and basically admitted that their intelligence comes from tv and newspapers.

See the problem here? A federal agency has to rely on the news for their info. Couple that with the bush photo ops... bad pr all around.

bush should just fess up and say "the buck stops here", but he won't, cause then he'd have to admit to making a mistake. Sometimes you have to take one for the team mister president, sometimes you have to put the country first. But you wouldn't know anything about that... would you.

Its a little disappointing...

This was pointed out to me:

Ned Rice alerts:
If anyone cares, at 3:46 PM p.s.t. this afternoon on Air America Radio Randi Rhodes repeatedly urged listeners in hurricane ravaged areas to go right out and loot, arguing that poor people should be allowed to do so at will. She even advised her listeners to avoid discount centers like Wal-Mart and concentrate their looting on some of the higher-end stores so as to have access to higher quality stuff.

I'm not sure if Randi was joking or serious (although with her it's always hard to be sure), but even in jest should she be allowed to do this on the air?

At least she wasn't calling for the assassination of President Bush, as she's done on the air in the past.

If anyone seriously believes that Randi Rhodes would encourage looting for anything other then survival, they're crazy. Randi may stick her foot in her mouth, a lot, but that's a far cry from encouraging lawlessness.

Not that it matters, because without power, who'd have heard her make those remarks anyways?

The statement was wednesday, so fema hadn't even watched the news to see that people were starving, and bush hadn't even come off of vacation yet. So death... or steal a can of soup?

I'm not encouraging looting... but if no one is feeding you... like the food will be worth saving after the repairs come in?

And, heh... pat robertson called for tha assasination of a state leader... heh.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Yet another day late... and another dollar short.

Today bush met with the head of the Red Cross for yet another photo op. And not unlike the photo op in front of the two helicopters that should have been out rescuing people, instead of acting as a cool backdrop for the pres, red cross employees were better suited to handle calls and crisis then egomaniacal photo ops.

The thing of note is, bush said that the Red Cross needs blood, and that blood drives were being set up and that he was planning to have a blood drive at the white house on... wait for it... friday.



FRIDAY?!? FUCKING FRIDAY!?!? The incompetence continues, I realise that a blood drive is a good thing, but how bout Monday, or tuesday, how bout a day where the extra blood may save some lives...

The problem with feigning care is having some sort of empathy to begin with, like with the rest of this fiasco, bush just doesn't get it. He thinks by putting on a show it will prove he cares... but he just keeps missing the mark.

Another reason to call me a bush hater...

I'm totally amazed at how quickly bush props himself in front of the camera when a supreme court vacancy appears. His reaction time to things that don't matter to him, the tsunami in asia, school shootings on indian reservations, and now hurricane katrina, are always days late and/or inappropriately lacking. While doing research I found this interesting tidbit:

August 30, 2005, The President travels to the San Diego, North Island Naval Air Station to celebrate the 60th anniversary of V-J day. He begins his a 40-minute WWII/Iraq speech, with a one minute address to the devastation that has occurred in New Orleans. Then he goes golfing. --Katrina Timeline

A lot of people are blaming the Governor and Mayor for what happened, I won't speak to that, the timeline sums up a lot of pre-disaster mismanagement, mostly I'm disappointed at how badly the bush administration has handled the response. I just keep thinking "What if this was a terrorist attack?"

I'm sure our enemies are as well.

Castro offers medical aid to U.S.

HAVANA, Cuba (CNN) -- Cuban President Fidel Castro has offered to send help to the United States in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

At a nightly roundtable program on state-run television Friday, the Cuban leader said his nation was ready to send 1,100 doctors and 26 tons of medicine and equipment.

"Others have sent money; we are offering to save lives," he said.

Castro -- an enemy of U.S. President George W. Bush and frequent subject of condemnation from the White House -- said he would not comment on the U.S. government's response to the tragedy because "this is not the time to kick an adversary -- while he's down."

Castro said the doctors he was offering have international experience.

The United States has no diplomatic relations with Cuba. It remained unclear whether the White House would take Castro up on his offer.

After a massive earthquake in Bam, Iran, in December 2003, the United States sent aid -- even though the United States has no diplomatic ties with Iran.

It's amazing, the amount of aid coming to the United States, Israel, Afghanistan, Venezuela, and now Cuba. The international aid is greatly appreciated, I know that bush is embarrassed at having to accept international aid, especially from countries like Venezuela and Cuba, just as Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro enjoy rubbing bush's face in it.

I wish I could take delight in how embarrassing this is for bush, but mostly I am ashamed at how weak bush has made this country appear. Between the total snafu in Iraq and the complete lack of timely response and decay into lawlessness in the south has pretty much destroyed any intimidation factor we had in the world. We are now a joke... bush being the punchline.

Just wait till DICK gets home...!

A lot of people wondered where Dick Cheney has been during this crisis. Taking a vacation, on a side note, how is it the president and vice-president can go no vacation at the same time? I mean when I worked at the grocery store in high school I wasn't allowed to go on vacation at the same time as someone else in my dept, someone had to mind the store.

Anyways, this came from the New York Times

He struck a more somber tone than he had at times on Friday during a daylong tour of the disaster region, when he had joked at the airport in New Orleans about the fun he had had in his younger days in Houston. His demeanor on Saturday was similar to that of his most somber speeches after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

What was the difference?

As Mr. Bush spoke, Vice President Dick Cheney and Karl Rove, the president's senior political adviser, listened on the sidelines, as did Dan Bartlett, the counselor to the president and Mr. Bush's overseer of communications strategy. Their presence underscored how seriously the White House is reacting to the political crisis it faces.

Some one is in trouble...!