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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Conservatives lack imagination and expect too little...

So I came to the conclusion that conservatives lack vision, imagination, and have a low expectation of what is acceptable. For instance, I recently had an argument with some conservatives about Nuclear power, the conservative argument being that for the amount of energy produced, the risk and waste were worth it. My point?

Let me start out by asking this: who doesn't want clean air, clean water, or a non-toxic environment to live in? Honestly. Regardless of wether you believe global warming is real or not, how is less pollution a bad thing?

This is the big divide. Despite any environmental "hype" how is less pollution a bad thing? How is it conservatives are pro-pollution? I don't get it.

So my argument against Nuclear power is this:

Nobody doubts that a new power supply will be discovered, wether its a year from now, or 100 years from now. This is not in contention. My argument is, why do we have to wait?

The hybrid car, the half electrical half combustion engine has gone from near obscurity to mass production including a hybrid SUV and pickup truck in less then five years. FIVE YEARS.

My argument is that when put to the test, human beings are capable of wondrous things. Look at all the technical developments made during World War II, the jet engine being one of them. When under pressure technology advances, the Russians launching sputnik was enough for the United States to put a man on the moon.

So why not apply that thinking to power? Wether its bio diesel or "green" buildings, we deserve better.

Another problem is that a lot of conservatives believe that Jesus is coming back, and as such we only need short term solutions. They also feel that when Jesus does come back, he won't be upset with what we did to the place. I don't know about you, but if I was Jesus, I'd be pissed.

Again, a new power supply being discovered is not in contention, what is contention is wether we should sit around and wait for it, or make it happen.

Because of my vision, my imagination and my expectations that we deserve better, I say we find it now.

If you feel that nuclear is fine, ask yourself why you are willing to settle for it?

So very tired...

Wow, its been nine days since I last posted. The problem with blogs is maintaining them while maintaining a real life. Also the problem with critical/political blogs is maintaining the energy.

I join a mailing list recently that deals with political issues. It was my intention to engage in logical debates with conservatives, as you may know it is hard to have an intelligent debate with conservatives because most of their opinions are based on belief and feelings, which I find ironic since the "John Wayne" conservative is supposed to be above acting on their feelings.

So the attempt was to engage in an intelligent debate, unfortunately that didn't happen, in fact the conversations became quickly predictable. The conservatives spout the conservative propaganda and the liberals follow suit. The divide was so predictable arguing wasn't even worth it after a while, minds were made up long before the conversation started.

The topic of Atomic energy came up, the liberals feel that toxic waste isn't worth it, and the conservatives felt that the liberals had bought into the environmental "hype" and that for the amount of energy the nuclear power plant would produce, storing toxic waste was worth it (2000 tons per year).

On social security the conservatives wanted control of their retirement savings and the liberals wanted a system that was fair and took care of the poor and minorities.

It because so ridiculous, the arguments came down to simply being right, and stubbornness was the reason for most of the arguments.

Also I spent some time on getting accused of being a traitor because I refuse to vote the party line for the NYC mayoral election. I was embarrassed to be a Democrat, when Democrats were accusing other Democrats of being traitors because they find Ferrer to be a bad choice for Mayor.

So I needed a break, time to relax and get my juice back, but back I will be. I have a few ideas to float around, things that came to mind that I need to discuss, lucky you right?