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Thursday, November 10, 2005

NYC Mayorial election the big misunderstanding.

On tuesday Michael Bloomberg was reelected Mayor of New York City with a landslide victory over challenger Fernando Ferrer. A lot of people are attributing this to the amount of money Bloomberg spent on his reelection campaign and other various reasons.

Let me set the record straight right now. Michael Bloomberg won because HE RAN AGAINS FERNANDO FERRER.

This shouldn't be a big shock to anyone, its two days after the election and I still couldn't tell you anything about Fernando Ferrer other then he's latino and not Michael Bloomberg.

Even his campaign ads didn't help, aside from establishing that he's the child of an immigrant mother, ok, his mother was from Puerto Rico, a US property, technically is that immigration? Or moving? On campaign ad had Al Sharpton dancing to salsa music.

So don't look at Bloomberg's reelection as a victory for bush, or as an example of how money wins elections, look at it as an example of how much people dislike Fernando Ferrer.

Seriously, what is Ferrer's position other then "I'm not Michael Bloomberg"

Nuff said.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Not sure what I was thinking...

Doing a google search of my blog name Bitch Alley I see that porn lends itself more to my name then politics, granted the two are seldom separated. I have moved up though, I used to be on page two, I managed to make it to page 1, I just wish I could surpass the crude ally mcbeal reference =)

Surprise surprise

If you had any other idea then Michael Bloomberg being reelected mayor of NYC, then you are on crack. Why you may ask? Well its simple, as of election day, I, a hardcore intelligent democrat still had no idea what Ferrer was about.

Ferrer's campaign? I'm not bloomberg and I'm hispanic... other then that... I have no idea what he is about.

My only hope is that Ferrer will get the message and retire so that someone worth being mayor can run. I have no problem voting democrat, I just have a problem voting for someone who has no point in running for office.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Only a day... away...

Tomorrow's the day, election season 2005. There are a few notable elections being held, on the east coast the governor of New Jersey is up for grabs, and across the bridge its mayor of New York City.

I don't have much comments on the NJ gubernatorial race other then Fox 5 New York (bias implied) feels that the ad that uses John Corzine's ex-wife may damage his chances of getting elected. I find it hilarious that his opponent would sink so low, and as if the words of probably the most biased person against Corzine to comment about him.

Corzine summed it up by saying "I think it speaks more about him then about me." Amen to that brother.

As for the race for mayor of New York City, the winner, uh I mean the current mayor, Michael Bloomberg, currently has a 30 point lead. The loser, oh I'm sorry, his opponent, Fernando Ferrer, still has yet to establish what his platform is other then he's not Michael Bloomberg.

OK, Im not a fan of Michael Bloomberg, his attitudes on civil rights is appalling, but at least I know where he stands, at least I know what I am getting, and he has proven to be not a bad mayor.

Fernando Ferrer? I have no clue what he stands for, to be honest, I'm not sure he does either. I missed the debates, I intended to watch them but no one really seems all that interested in them. Did anyone watch them?

So far the impression I've gotten is that Ferrer is running on the "I'm not Bloomberg" platform, and I've yet to meet anyone who's voting for him (which aren't many) who are voting for him for any other reason then he's not Bloomberg.

Not a strong position, especially since Bloomberg isn't as bad as Ferrer would have you believe.