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Friday, December 02, 2005

Saga Day 3: BOYCOTT UPS!

Day 3, package still not in my possession, but now I have a yellow tag, so I know the driver actually showed up.

To say that UPS has customer services is laughable, they have someone who talks to you on the phone, but won't actually help you. I called my local delivery center and talked to "Renee" about getting my package delivered. To say that Renee was unsympathetic, is like saying bush is an idiot. Evidently it was my fault for shipping it ground, she informed me that next time I should ship it over night, actually, next time I won't use UPS at all. BOYCOTT UPS! She said I could come pick it up, I said "refund me the shipping costs and I'll pick it up". She said nothing.

The funny thing is that I said to Renee "You may remember me I screamed bloody murder at you", to which she said "Arthur?", evidently a lot of people scream bloody murder at her, not a good sign.

Yesterday I had called the manager twice, no return call, given that its UPS practice not to actually make the first delivery attempt the manager probably ducks a lot of calls. The next step is writing a letter to the company and report them to the Better Business Bureau for what its worth.

Funny thing is that I saw a DHL commercial today about a delivery guy who actually broke into the receiver's office to make sure the package would be delivered.

Hopefully DHL will crush UPS.

"What can brown do for you? Make your life hell."

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The saga continues BOYCOTT UPS!

As soon as I got into the office today I called UPS, explained my situation and was told that someone would call me back. I gave them my work number and waited... and waited... and waited.

So four hours later I called Best Buy the company that I ordered the 95lbs box from. They get UPS on the phone and I am given the run around. Basically it comes down to one thing, it is UPS's practice not to deliver on the first attempt. The impression I got from the rep at UPS is that they don't deny this. Someone at the company puts an arbitrary delivery time in the system with a failed attempt and they do it the next day. How do I know this? No yellow tag, there's never a yellow tag on the first failed attempt.

The rep confirms I called in the morning, first he claims they called me and talked to someone (lie) then later he claims they called and got no answer (another lie).

So they tell me that its out for delivery today, but I'm not there to get it.
They can deliver it to my office, but its 95lbs, how do I get it home?
I can come pick it up, will I be refunded the money I paid to have it shipped? No answer.
I ask if they can deliver on saturday, instead of a yes or no answer I am told "any time in the next 10 business days"

So I tell him to send it back I no longer want the item, he balks again... tells me to talk to the local manager, I ask for the manager's name but they don't have it, so I call the number, ask for the manager and am told "he just stepped out" (lie) he wasn't available last night when I called as well.

Its all bullshit, had they simply been honest with me I wouldn't be so upset, but they lied and are continuing to lie to me, not unlike president bush.

For the record I don't use UPS for this very reason, they are a bad company and have no customer service skills whatsoever., but sometimes I get stuck with them and always, ALWAYS its a nightmare.

Boycott UPS

There I said it, the gauntlet is thrown down, the United Parcel Service is made up of liars who make promises that they never keep.

Why do you ask? Well let's put it this way, in the time I've lived in NYC I've never received a package on the day I was supposed to. In some cases I was forced to drive to pick it up, it sort of defeats the purpose of having it shipped to my house if I have to go pick it up.

Before I continue let me point out that the item is an entertainment center, it weighs 95lbs and is too big to stick in a cab, nor should I have to pay shipping ($67) and cab fare.

But evidently this is the tactic of UPS. According to several reports on I've found tales such as mine, the website promises one date, you sit by the window waiting, checking the status of the shipment only to be told:


But I was home all day, I called UPS 4 times already, I didn't even shower in the off chance that the driver may show up while in the act... HA! Ok that was funny. Its quite obvious that the driver hasn't been on my block, had he he would have seen the giant sign on my front door beckoning him in. I could ask the business next door to me, with whom I am quite friendly, that at 4:09 P.M. did they see a big brown truck outside my apt, they would say no, of course, because no truck exists.

This is not the first time I've been burned by UPS and evidently I am not alone. So I'm drawing my line in the sand, its time to boycott UPS and any businesses that do business with them.

What can brown do for you? How about fuck you up the ass.