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Friday, December 09, 2005

Politics... fun... or why the hell do we do it?

When I started this blog I was filled with pent up political rage, bush, for lack of a better word, is a moron, and has stocked his cabinet full of people, well who shouldn't be there.

So I used this blog almost as a catharsis, a way to work of the political rage. Living in NYC it was hard to find people with opposing view points, and even harder to find intelligent arguments to support those opposing view points.

So I joined an email mailing list dedicated to things of a political nature, at first it was fun, I would unload my anger, debate and relax afterwards... free of the pent up politicizing. But her in lies the problem...

The members of this list quickly fall into stereotypes. The conservatives are all white, midwestern, christian, love guns, support bush (almost to the point of insanity) and all seem to follow the party line... no matter what.

If its about social security, I can almost predict the responses, the war, minimum wage, Katrina was fun, nothing like a bunch of middle class white guys sitting around talking about the ramifications of race and class in the recovery effort.

One conservative got so offended when I challenged his ability to view the situation because of his white middle class suburban status that he left the list and carried a grudge for 3 months. (I think he still thinks I think he's a racist, even telling him flat out I don't think so)

But the point of all of this is that I got burned out on politics, actually I burned out on arguing logic to people who use their feelings to define their motive. It shocks me, that a bunch of white, beer drinking, ronald Reagan, gun totting conservatives would in essences be such a bunch of pussies. A lot of the arguments, like the "War on Christmas", revolve around how they feel that they are looked down upon for their beliefs.

Give me a freakin' break. How do you deal with a segment of the population that voted for bush because the other half hurt their feelings? Its irrational, I almost want to (ok actually I did) say "I'm sorry honey, did I hurt your feelings? He's twenty bucks, go buy yourself something pretty."

So, honestly, how do you deal with a set of the population that feels that they are being persecuted for their beliefs? How do you honestly take a group of people seriously when they claim there is a war on christmas when every store and every hold song is christmas related?

Honestly I wish there was a war on christmas, I'm sick of hearing all this damn music.

So the problem with all of this is that we are dealing with two different mindsets, the conservative mindset is that they feel that they are being looked down upon, and another part of the mindset feels that they are stupid for thinking that (myself included), but therein lies the divide. If you don't believe me, then how did gay marriage become such a pivotal point in the campaign, and then completely dropped.

Republicans know this about conservatives, and they exploit it. I actually heard one conservative say that the reason why Judith Miller was fired was because she was friends with Scooter Libby...

wot wot WHAT?!?

Honestly, use your brain for once, do you honestly believe that the vaulted New York Times would fire someone over who they are friends with!?! That's insane...

And therein lies the problem.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

SPAMALOT... the other... meat? BOYCOTT UPS!

So I finally saw my first broadway play and it was SPAMALOT. Awesome, btw, great play. The interesting part... John Kerry and his Wife, at the play.

Now you may remember that Condoleza Rice attended the play during her katrinagate jaunt in NYC, she was booed and was told "how dare you be here while people are dying"

John Kerry had no such encounter =) granted most in the audience probably voted for him. The only thing of not is that cast member Hank Azaria broke character and either made a bush impression or kerry impression, I couldn't totally make it out.

Other then that... great show!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005



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