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Monday, January 16, 2006

Where's the part about taking out a personal loan?

I find these articles hilarious... its a testament as to how out much of a dinosaur the MPAA is that no one has targeted inflated ticket prices at the theater as one of the factors as to why there may be a slump.

With ticket prices as high as $11.25 in NYC and concession stands requiring a credit check to purchase popcorn, it is little wonder why lyrics like the following can be found in the viral hit Lazy Sunday:

"Yo stop at the deli, the theater's over priced."
"You got the backpack"
"gonna pack it up nice"

DVD availability and piracy may be contribute to it, but for my contribution, inflated ticket prices is what keeps me away. The amount of low quality movies + high ticket prices = Netflix.

Theater Tracker Says Slump Should Serve As Warning To Industry
The president of Exhibitor Relations says that last year's box office slump should serve as a "wakeup call" to the movie industry. In an interview with Fox News Channel, Paul Dergarabedian remarked, "It's fair warning with plenty of time to fix things. If ignored, it's at the peril of the entire industry." Dergarabedian suggested that there was no quick cure for the downturn at the box office. "This convergence of technology and culture, combined with so many options for entertainment, has created a pie with so many slices now. It's tougher and tougher to grab a piece," he said. He indicated that he believes the solution is not releasing movies in theaters and on DVD simultaneously, as some studio executives, including Disney CEO Robert Iger, have recommended. "To collapse the window would be devastating not only to the theater industry but to the movie industry in general," Dergarabedian told the news channel. "Rolling them out in different windows creates a value that they would not have if they were all rolled out at once. It diminishes the product. When Iger and those guys say that stuff, it's very chilling."